September 28, 2018


Australian luxury motor yacht manufacturer Maritimo’s game changing X series models continue to excite with the recently revealed X50 already selling well months before its world premiere at next year’s Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

The first details of the new dynamic X50 sport yacht were revealed at the at the Sydney International Boat Show in August and it has caused widespread interest internationally. The X50 and its internationally successful sibling the X60 have re-written the rule book for sport yachts with the X60 being one of Maritimo’s best performing new models notching up 15 sales around the globe since its world premiere in May this year.

The world premiere of the Maritimo X60 headlined the brand’s 30th Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show display in May, which resulted in record sales success, aiding the highest sales record of any boat show in Maritimo’s 15 year history with more than $40 million in contracts finalised.

Maritimo X50 luxury sports motor yacht

Maritimo X-Series lead designer, Tom Barry- Cotter said the reveal of the X50 had seen that momentum continue and he said additional models in the X series range could evolve. He said the X series’ innovative design made a strong  statement to the industry that Maritimo is committed to further establishing itself as an industry leader continually pushing the boundaries of design and technology.

“The X60 has been an outstanding success and we continue to make sales on almost a weekly basis,” he said. “Given the early demand, and the price point of the X50, we are confident that this model will be something special”.

“From its race infused bloodline, the X50’s powerful exterior form blankets an innovative, simplistic and functional web of expansive customizable arrangements and advanced design features that are inherent in all X-Series models. The proportioned and aggressive lines of the X50 instill an aura that will make this vessel the envy of all in the bay or marina.”

Maritimo X50 luxury sports motor yacht

Just like the X60, the Maritimo X50 design incorporates an  innovative aft accommodation space accessible from saloon and swim platform deck. This area can be optioned and utilised as a beach club with ensuite, twin single stateroom with ensuite or 3.2 metre tender garage.

Learnings from the company’s international race programme have been infused into the design and construction of the vessel seeing Maritimo pushing the  boundaries and going further than ever before in hull design, power, construction and propulsion which will see the X 50 reach speeds of 36 to 38 knots with exceptional trim and handling characteristics.

“In the X50 We will deliver class leading fuel economy and range, high speed cruising capabilities and the latest technology from the world leaders in shaft driven performance,” said Barry-Cotter.

The X50 has gone further than ever in the analysis of waterflow over the hull. All underwater components have been analysed and designed with an obsessive consideration of drag reduction, creating as efficient a hull as possible.

Below decks, patented engine room liner technology provides world leading serviceability and ample space to work with the boat systems and engineering. Critically weight is distributed neutrally in the hull, with minimal shaft angle in order to perfect trim attitude and maximise performance and efficiency.

In addition to the trademark X series aft accommodation, the new X50 has two large staterooms and ensuites in the forward accommodations. The VIP stateroom design features a unique offset queen bed with VIP ensuite with dual access from stateroom and companionway.

Maritimo X50 luxury sports motor yacht

The large full beam master with queen bed standard (king optional), desk, day bed, panoramic hull windows and large master ensuite is exceptionally spacious, as the forward accommodations do not sacrifice space for the third guest cabin, with it being situated aft. Integrated hull side windows continue the panoramic vistas from each cabin and there are through hull portlights for further ventilation.

The saloon design incorporates sliding pocket windows that flank each side of the hard top letting in an abundance of light and air. An optional galley positioned sunroof provides even more light and ventilation.

Barry-Cotter said the signature, large Maritimo family galley package was incorporated with upright fridge freezer, full height pull out pantry, island bench, ample cupboards and dish drawer.

The expansive cockpit features an entertainment unit and two opposing lounge units that can be combined to form an eight seat dinette area under cover. Trademark Maritimo wide walk around decks along  with a forward deck entertainment area with expansive lounge bed and lift up backrests provide expand the usable space on this vessel.

The European automotive inspired dashboard and helm, with optional twin helm seats, are ergonomically designed for both comfort and control. Maritimo Racing function and equipment interface experience is inbuilt at every level of the helm.

“The X50 is designed to have all the features of its bigger sibling in an undeniable price point and it will cater for the most confident boater to new boat users,” he said.

The Maritimo X50 performance and economy figures are expected to impress given the performance of the X60.

Its innovative hull and driveline design, and power options of the X50 will see it achieving speeds in the vicinity of 36-38 knots with optional D11 Volvo 725 powerplants and 40+ knots with optional D13 Scania 825 power.

“Weight distribution in the X-Series is optimized with the aft cabin’s expanded accommodation space enabling engineering to be located more neutrally in the hull,” said Barry-Cotter. “The placement of the heavy engineering components are positioned in a way that the trim attitude of the running hull is perfectly balanced throughout the RPM range, meaning a more comfortable ride, and better economy and performance”.

“Maritimo designs the centre of gravity as low as possible to increase stability, in addition all flexible load like fuel, water, optional gyros and water makers, located as close to the centre of buoyancy as possible, so that the vessel’s perfected trim attitude is not affected by changes in load.”

” As new technology and ideas constantly flow into the entire range, never resting in search for further performance and innovation we are raising the bar internationally in the luxury motor yacht sector,” he said.

Maritimo’s build pipeline now stretches out to the end of 2019.

To learn more about the Maritimo X50 – click here or contact your local Maritimo dealer.


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