From the island continent of Australia, a Maritimo is born into a coastline measuring over 32,000 nautical miles in length. The perfect testing grounds for the world’s true long-range luxury motor yacht builder. Experience a collection of luxury motor yachts that are without peer, luxury motor yachts that are truly oceans apart.

Proud Heritage

For Australia’s Bill Barry-Cotter, this journey has incapsulated 60 years of his life, making him Australia’s most awarded boat builder. Leading the way in engineering excellence, exceptional build integrity and innovative design, Bill’s vision and lifelong passion has culminated in the launch of Maritimo; a collection of luxury motor yachts without peer.

Designed and Handcrafted in Australia

Designing and crafting motor yachts of the highest quality for the world within our purposed built facilities on the Gold Coast in Australia, Maritimo will never submit to the status quo. As innovators, we challenge conventional wisdom to materialise new ideas. We see every detail as an opportunity for excellence. The result is a place where motor yachts of the most superior quality, and capability are born, a place of crafting dreams.

Long Range Capability & Capacity

Inspired by the Australian lifestyle and beautiful coastlines unique to this part of the world, facing the Indian, Southern and Pacific oceans, it is the perfect place to test the skills of any boat builder. Our craft are designed with luxurious finishes together with unparalleled engineering for long range capabilities and the elements to withstand the roughest seas.

Racing DNA

With a heritage in offshore racing, Maritimo is the only manufacturer that has a world championship race team in-house to provide world-class technology into every motor yacht. At 175mph intelligent weight distribution, light weight and durable materials and components, and full power steering for smooth and responsive turning has to be exact. Maritimo has been at the leading edge of offshore racing both in Australia and Internationally and with these credentials no other manufacturer can match the technology and performance built into every Maritimo.

World Class Style

A world of pleasure awaits for living in comfort and entertaining in style aboard a Maritimo. Every Maritimo has an impeccable fit and finish that is intelligently optimised for space. With beautifully crafted internal spaces you are assured a luxurious and comfortable environment that will work with how you wish to use your boat.

High Skilled and Trained Team

Building a Maritimo is not a job, its a passion. From carpentry and furnishings, to engineering and technology, the company is lead by a genius concept and inspired ideas that aim to fulfill the needs and aspirations of all that experience them; a dream come true for boaters. Nothing on the ocean looks, feels or performs like a Maritimo. It truly is oceans apart.