October 26, 2021


After a 13-year career in administration and a further 15 years in industrial and white collar recruitment, Maritimo’s Lisa Bennett-Anderson knew she was due for a change.

Being a self-confessed stickler for detail with a love of Australian manufacturing Lisa started looking beyond her years in recruitment and admin to the next challenge in her life and a move to the northern Gold Coast provided that change.

Maritimo staff

She joined Maritimo in June 2018 and has not looked back since.

Lisa is an integral part of the overall Maritimo team being responsible for working closely on the pricing and option variations of every Maritimo luxury motor yacht that leaves the Gold Coast based manufacturers Coomera facility.

“Every vessel has to be priced and every vessel is different with either standard options from our build list or specific customer changes and custom options that are unique to that particular vessel,” she said.

“I work closely with Phil Candler and Craig Jones keeping on top of all that and it’s no mean feat with the record amount of motor yacht orders in the pipeline.

“I love the administration side of it and the detail that goes into every new boat. “It’s special to be part of it and there are a great number of highly skilled people involved in the process.”

Lisa said her years in recruitment where she married up businesses and factories with the key people and skill sets that were required is still one of her passions. So much so that she is also involved in the recruitment side of the Maritimo operation particularly with the apprentices.

“I love the challenge of it and seeing it all come together and at the end of the day, the products we produce are simply stunning so it is something to be very proud of,” she said.

Lisa is a mother to three, Ben who is almost finished his qualifications as a plumber, and high school aged Dylan and Imogene. Husband Grahame is a private school teacher.

Maritimo staff

She said being part of a dedicated and talented team was one of the biggest thrills from working at Maritimo.

“We have to communicate with the owners, the sales guys, the reps and then ultimately the factory floor to ensure that what is expected gets delivered,” said Lisa.

“We have to keep on top of the price lists, list the options and variations, keep track of the detail and communicate that to all the department heads and the factory floor.

“With so many boats now sold and in the production schedule it is no small task, but we have the systems in place to manage it.” Lisa said the teamwork that was evident at Maritimo was second to none. “I cannot over emphasize the skills and talents of the people involved at every level and I am delighted to be part of it,” she said.

The daughter of Victorian dairy farmers who came to the Gold Coast 28 years ago Lisa loves manufacturing and Australian business generally. She also loves living minutes to work and not having to endure a lengthy daily commute.

Maritimo’s General Manager, Phil Candler, said the company placed a great deal of importance on meeting and exceeding customer expectations and Lisa was a very important element in that process.

“Lisa doesn’t miss a thing and she is very methodical which is exactly what we need in that role within Maritimo,” said Candler.

“She is extremely dedicated, very professional and a great team player and we value her highly.”

Maritimo is one of the Gold Coast’s largest employers with more than 200 staff. The company has forward orders of its boats internationally stretching out to early 2024. Employees like Lisa Bennet-Anderson help make that future work pipeline possible.

To find out more about career opportunities at Maritimo head to our Careers page.


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