April 13, 2018


Maritimo has commenced operations in the adjoining commercial property it purchased at the Coomera Marine precinct last year and is on track to increase its workforce and production as the global leisure cruiser market rebounds.

Maritimo purchased the commercial property adjoining its current headquarters on the Gold Coast, to enable future expansion and after undertaking works within the new building it moved part of its manufacturing process in at the start of February.

The homegrown company has expanded from its Coomera Marine Precinct headquarters across the globe in its 15-year history with a network of 44 dealer partners in 16 countries.

CEO Garth Corbitt said that global expansion was ongoing and the company would continue to market approximately half of the vessels it produced internationally. He said workforce numbers and production would increase in line with demand and it was planned to lift manufacturing by approximately 10 percent on the 2017 calendar year. “We will increase gradually and in a controlled manner with a watchful eye on demand and the style of vessels that are in most demand,” he said.

“The main thing is we now have capacity to strike quickly and effectively when we deem it is the right time to do so.”

Maritimo purchased the 3.09 hectare site at 9 McPhail Road which borders the existing factory and the two properties have been joined via two access ways. The combined total site area now including 15 Waterways Drive and the new McPhail Road site is 4.664 hectares. The actual factory floor footprint of the new property is still to be determined depending on building specifications and new building plans. Plans for additional structures are set to be announced soon.

Maritimo factory expansion 2018
Photo: Maritimo CEO Garth Corbitt, General Manager Operations Phil Candler and Production Manager Kym Fleet.

“The expansion of the factory floor provides opportunities for us to rearrange the manufacturing process, increase production when appropriate and improve turnaround times to manufacture each vessel,” said Maritimo’s General Manager Operations manager Phil Candler.

He said adding McPhail Rd to the existing Maritimo headquarters also enabled it to bring some of the building process back to the company’s primary headquarters from its satellite, waterfront Hope Island facility called Boatmasters.

“Stainless steel, varnishing, small parts and glass along with research and development will all be housed in the new expanded facility,” said Candler. “This will all occur over the next eight weeks or so.”

As part of the physical reshuffle within Maritimo there have also been a number of management changes.

Chris Spriggens has been appointed Service and Maritimo Warranty Manager, based at Boatmasters and he is responsible for all service and warranty work.

Kym Fleet has been appointed Production Manager and he is responsible for all manufacturing of Maritimo vessels. He will be based at Coomera.

Former Boatmasters manager, Gary Klien, has been appointed Building Projects Manager, and he is responsible for all new building works at the new property and he is based at 9 McPhail Road.

The Boatmasters facility at Hope Island will be ramped-up to provide a one stop shop for all boat owners be they Maritimo customers or not. The facility and the team of professionals which operates from there provide engine servicing and replacement , vessel restoration/ upgrades, upholstery, sand blasting, painting and anti-fouling.

The Boatmasters‘ travel lift is capable of lifting up to 75 tons and one of the yard’s key points of difference over competitors is that the boat travel lift is not wind or tide impacted being located at the end of a Hope Island canal and protected by the Maritimo service centre marina.

“With the new property purchase our total manufacturing plant under roof is now 9314 square metres excluding office space,” said Corbitt. “Our growth plans are tied to both national and international markets and we are continually pushing the brand into new areas. We have come a long way in 15 years, but there is much more to do.”


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