September 30, 2022

Maritimo Migration heads to Newport, Rhode Island

Maritimo Migration Newport

Newport is the traditional center of yachting in America, a city steeped in the sea both past and present, where majestic J-boats still duel offshore in a replay of the America’s Cup—a dozen epic battles took place here from 1930 to 1983—and yacht yards marinas line the harbor offering unequaled views and a variety of services in a thriving seaport. This vibrant city shares its history as a summer playground for the well-to-do with Gilded-Age mansions, a waterfront lined with quaint lanes, and an energized community built around a population of locals, summer residents, and visitors that are all seeking a taste of the yachting life.

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The Maritimo Migration kicked off on Friday, September 23, as Maritimos arrived at the Newport Yachting Center. After guests registered, several gathered for cocktails trading cruising stories, adventures and comparing their Maritimos.

Later the group paid a visit to Sardella’s, an Italian restaurant featuring hearty, traditional dishes and a convivial atmosphere, where the group shared a light-hearted discussion of how each of them settled on the names of their boats.

“We knew this was going to be a fun group when we saw who had registered to attend, and we weren’t disappointed,” said Dave Northrop, director of Maritimo Americas. “Maritimo owners know how to have a good time and share a laugh.”

On Saturday morning, the group gathered for a breakfast meeting with Northrop and Operations Director Phil Candler, who came from Australia to join the trip. The two shared details and insights into the company’s plans for the future, including design ideas, upcoming models, and production details.

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“It’s always terrific to see familiar owners and make the acquaintance of the new members of the club who are joining us for their first migration,” Candler said. “It’s a special group to be sure, who know what they want in a cruising experience and understand why Maritimo delivers on that.” Maritimo prides itself listening to its owners and analyzing their design input. After all, the thinking goes, who knows better how a yacht really serves its purpose than a dedicated cruiser who sees her through real-world conditions.

After the breakfast meeting, the group descended upon Newport, splitting up to explore. Some enjoyed a visit to the International Tennis Hall of Fame, where the first U.S. Open was contested. Others ventured into the downtown area including Bannister’s and Bowen’s Wharves, having a taste of the town, while other took advantage of the hop-on hop-off trolley to delve into the some of the sights along Bellevue Avenue, including the Newport Mansions built by Vanderbilts, Morgans, Astors, and other noteworthy families of the Gilded Age.

Later the group reconvened at the Newport Yachting Center for docktails and a yacht hop where guests could look in on other Maritimo models and see the differences in the designs. Recent models such as the M50 and M58 were located alongside examples of the S55, M51, and M64, giving everyone a good taste of these cruising yachts.

The group then gathered at 22 Bowen’s for the final dinner, with stories shared that offered still more insight into the cruising experiences afforded by owning a capable luxury motoryacht.

“These Maritimo Migrations are a part of the ownership experience,” Northrop said. “This company continues to innovate and create yachts that experienced cruisers want to own—because they’re designed and built so well, they keep their value. Anyone who’s interested can attend one of these events and learn more about the yachts and what’s coming, and make some fun new friends along the way.”


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