February 25, 2022


Leading Australian luxury motor yacht manufacturer Maritimo, has continued to build on the momentum of its new model development strategy from 2021, with the arrival of the next instalment of the brand’s emphasis on the large motor yacht sector – the new S75 Sedan Motor Yacht.

The new S75 Sedan motor yacht will take the mantle as the new flagship vessel within Maritimo’s S-Series lineage, joining the S51, S55 and S60 Sedan motor yachts.

The S75 Sedan Motor Yacht is scheduled for its Global Launch in late 2022.

Maritimo S75 running slider

Maritimo Design Director, Tom Barry-Cotter said, “The S75 sedan motor yacht draws from a wealth of feedback from our owners all over the world, spanning more than two years of concept development and planning.”

“At Maritimo, owner input is something that is constantly used by our Australian design team, and the S75 sees us creating our most progressive S-Series vessel to date, whilst retaining the Maritimo DNA of long-range efficiency, superb ride, the safety of walk around decks, and superior quality from construction through to furnishings”.

Exterior Style and Grace

The S75’s from has been moulded within its purpose of being a unique single level offshore cruising motor yacht with long range adventuring capability throughout. An elongated hardtop overhang with black styling accents enshrouds glorious alfresco deck spaces.

Maritimo S75 anchored slider

Chic Portofino hips instantly set the tone for the first impression when stepping aboard, whilst offering incredibly large Adventure Deck space, and demonstrably highlight the ease of access around the vessel. Whether this is along the side decks to connect the forward sunbed and lounge, up onto the sumptuous lounging and dining options of the upper cockpit deck, or inside to the galley, saloon, and accommodations beyond, the grace of the S75 is as evident as the vessel’s proportions and inherent style.

Engineered for Cruising

The S75 hull measures 75’ 8” (23.07m) by 19’ 8” (6.0m) and is all about providing Maritimo’s legendary seaworthiness, ride comfort, inherent stability, and long-range efficiency.

Being able to cruise further and more confidently is the very essence of what Maritimo is about. One of the core elements in this is the patented structural monocoque system. This is where the internal liner that runs almost the entire length of the S75 is bonded to the hull to form a unitary platform.

Maritimo S75 Sedan Motor Yacht

“You may not see this unless you are in places like the engine room, where the high gloss gelcoat finish presents itself. However, you will notice the distinctly higher levels of comfort it delivers via lower vibrations and noise, as too the confidence you’ll have when enduring rough weather”, said Barry-Cotter.

Part of this overall construction method is the two wing tanks carrying 3500l (924 US GAL) each, as well as the 3000l (792 US GAL) main tank situated at keel level. Apart from all being around the centre of buoyancy so that they do not alter the vessel’s attitude as they get used, they also keep the weight down low, which keeps the centre of gravity close to water level, and makes for a more stable craft.

Having a 10,000l capacity, in combination with class leading efficiency means the S75 can take owners further, and with less stops along the way.
“The hallmark of any Maritimo is the inline powertrains, and shallow shaft angle for optimal efficiency,” said Barry-Cotter.

“In the case of the S75, this also means a 1.5m draft, which allows for up close anchoring in a multitude of locations the world over. Standard power comes from a pair of Scania Di16-1150MHP diesels driving five blade NiBrAl propellers, and there are optional mtu 10V2000M86 1380MHP, or mtu 10V2000M96L 1625MHP units as well.”

Space Delivers Options Aplenty

On board, the S75 is all about vast, interconnected spaces that can be as open and airy as the day itself, or as individual, secluded and snug as required.

The Adventure Deck delivers the most amazing versatility from storage to lounging, adventuring to cooking, with the wet bar module and its sink, top loading fridge, and electric grill a real focal point. The Utility Cabin is also accessed from here. On either side there are huge rope lockers, and optional capstan winches can be fitted here as well.

Maritimo S75 adventure deck slim banner

Moving forward, the Upper cockpit deck can be used for lounging all day and night long, and is the most spectacular al fresco dining location going around, especially with the optional electric sliding sunroof above revealing the stars. It has easy access to both the grill and the aft galley to make meal preparation as simple as it will be memorable. Various formats are available, and all can easily accommodate eight people for sit down meals.

The significant overhang of the hardtop headliner means the whole of the Upper cockpit lounging and dining area is completely covered, and also has electric roll down breezeway blinds, secreted into the ceiling above, to offer even more privacy or protection.

Maritimo S75 Sedan Motor Yacht Interior

The side decks offer the security of thigh high walls, and provide swift access to the forward sunbed and lounge.

Meticulously Appointed Saloon and Galley

“Being liveaboard ready is just as an integral element of the Maritimo DNA as engineering and performance,” he said. “Our long-range galleys are considered more like residential kitchens, always featuring domestic sized appliances, significant workspaces, and built-for-purpose storage capability, such as our full height pull-out pantries, and full height refrigeration.”

Maritimo S75 interior

The most significant element of the S75’s saloon is the expanse the glazing, combined with low sash height and slim frames, ensuring every sight line is filled with the surrounding seascapes. When added to the optional two-stage vista windows and electric sliding roof it delivers the most engaging and comfortable space amongst the sights, smells and delights of nature. There are dedicated lounging and dining options, including a cruising lounge adjacent to the two pilots’ chairs, and a massive 65” screen that reveals itself via electric lift.

Peace of Mind. Gratification of Soul.

The S75’s atrium stairwell at the front of the saloon floats in space to not only deliver more light down below, but also be as welcoming as the accommodations owners and guests will find there. Class-leading for both its size and style, it also hides a smart location for the laundry.

Four staterooms and three ensuites await those fortunate enough to be welcomed on board. Naturally, the Master Stateroom takes pride of place in the middle of the vessel, and occupies the whole width of the large volume hull form. Maritimo’s largest ever panoramic hull windows with opening ports deliver true connection with the sea, and wonderful breezes as well. A king bed occupies the centre of the stateroom, and immediately behind it is a cavernous walk-in robe area with full height, hanging robes, as well as the luxuriously appointed master ensuite.

Maritimo S75 Sedan Motor Yacht Interior

The forward VIP stateroom includes an offset queen berth to allow guests to walk around each side, and also has an adjoining, private ensuite. A generous twin guest stateroom is to starboard, and these can be slid together to create a queen arrangement for couples. This stateroom also has an adjoining ensuite that also serves the other, under and above guest stateroom to the port side. Additionally, the Utility Cabin under the upper cockpit, can be configured as a crew room, and is serviced by its own ensuite.

Storage Solutions

When voyaging further afield, safe and secure storage for additional supplies, as well as all the items required after arrival, is utterly essential. The beauty of the S75 Sedan Motor Yacht is the array, adaptability and type of locations on offer, and the volume of items that can be housed. The hardtop utility deck can house a tender, SUPs, kayaks, and life rafts, with a 350kg crane to make it as easy as it is practical.

There is also the most capacious lazarette on any Maritimo to date beneath the adventure deck, with the majority of the area lifting via electric actuators, still with space to walk past on all four sides. The space is ideal for Diver Propulsion Vehicles, SCUBA tanks, air and sea drones, fishing tackle and gear, and so many other water toys.

Alternatively, the area can house smaller a 3.2m tender and 350kg davit crane for those wishing to conceal everything below deck, keeping the adventure deck clear for other uses.

The S75 can also carry items on the adventure deck itself, or cradled on the optional 1.4m hydraulic swim platform. The Utility Cabin’s versatility extends from additional accommodation to workshop and also even more storage.

Global Launch | 2022

Maritimo have already secured numerous orders from customers involved within the design development, with the first scheduled for delivery in the final quarter of 2022 and orders already into 2024.

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