November 30, 2021


Australia’s Maritimo Racing, the current UIM XCAT Powerboat World Champions have shipped their boat and equipment to the UAE in readiness for Round 1 of the 2022 UIM XCAT World Championship.

Maritimo Racing’s XCAT and equipment has been on a waiting list for an available ship en-route to the UAE since September, when the UIM announced two rounds that will make up a shortened 2021 UIM World Championship in December.

Maritimo Racing XCat

“Unfortunately, the congestion and lead times in international container shipping did not allow enough time for the equipment to reach the UAE in time for the shortened 2021 World Championship,” said Maritimo Racing’s Tom Barry-Cotter.

“It’s disappointing we aren’t able to be there to defend our title, but we are focused on 2022 and looking forward to resuming racing once again.

“The team is now already looking forward to approach the 2022 world championship as the hunter, rather than the hunted, and we will be watching the front pack in the UAE next week very carefully.”

Maritimo Racing XCAT World Champions Dubai

Only days ago, Maritimo Racing announced it had reforged one of its most successful partnerships in preparation to compete in the UIM World Championship.

Norway’s Pal Virik Nilsen will join Tom Barry-Cotter in the cockpit of the Maritimo designed and constructed R30 XCAT for the 2022 UIM XCAT World Championship.

Coming onboard with Pal, will be fellow Norwegian Lars Inge Graver, joining the team alongside Kurt Davies, Ross Willaton, and Graham Fraser.

Maritimo Racing drivers feature

Maritimo Racing has been using the extended offseason as opportunity to test and develop the Maritimo R30 design and various setups.

“We have been making small improvements to everything we do on an ongoing basis, and I am confident when the time comes to put it is all to the test, we will be ready and extremely competitive,” says Tom.

Maritimo Racing has been gathering data from the valuable test time and applying to the design and construction of a new R30 XCAT which will be ready to enter late in the 2022 season.

“The construction of our next R30 XCAT is advancing well, with the hull’s composites being infused with Gurit Corecell™ and Gurit PRIME 27™ epoxy resin last week, with bulkheads now beginning to be fitted,” he said.

“There are many advancements we are introducing into the new design, and we expect it give us another edge late in the 2022 season.”

The new hull will also give the team the platform to continue testing and development whilst the original R30 hull is in transit between events during the season.

“Pal is eager to get out to Australia and begin testing the new hull once we are in the water,” said Barry-Cotter.

Maritimo Racing will be set to return UIM XCAT competition for Round 1 of the 2022 UIM XCAT World Championship.


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