Thank you for booking your spot on the Maritimo Migration AU of 2023. To complete your booking please follow these steps;

  1. Transfer your relevant booking fees (Fee per migrating boat: $1,000, Fee per docked boat: $1,500, Fee per person: $1,500)
    1. e.g. One migrating boat = $1,000 + One docked boat at Hamo = $1,500 + Two people = $3,000 = $5,500
    2. If you are just attending the event on Hamo then it will just be the fee per person.
  2. Name: Maritimo Sales Australia Pty Ltd
    BSB:    034-215
    Acc #: 391980
  3. Email your transfer receipt to Jenny; along with your vessel name and each attendees full name and email address
  4. If you’d like to pay via credit card please request a credit card authorisation form from Jenny.

Once we have confirmation on your payment your vessel and the names of attendees will be added to the offical Migration list.

More details on the event will be emailed to all paid attendees in the coming months.

We can’t wait to see you on Hamilton Island.