MARITIMO MIGRATION 2023 | 17th – 21st October

Welcome to the offical Maritimo Migration 2023 events page. We’re excited to have you join us for an experience of a lifetime on Hamilton Island. This page will be updated regularly with any changes as required so please bookmark this page and refer to it to see where you need to be on each day. If you have any questions please contact Simon Stewart P: 0403031431

The offical hashtag of the event is #maritimomigration and @maritimomotoryachts for all social posts. You can also upload your photos and view event photos via this link

If your accommodation doesn’t come with a buggy you can pre-book one for your time on the island to get around. There is also a free shuttle bus that goes around the island all day as well. It is also recommended that you download the Hamilton Island app.

MIGRATION TRIP | 2nd-16th October

Maritimo Migration

Leaving the Gold Coast on the 2nd of October. Our experienced skippers will be leading a flotilla of Maritimo vessels up the coast to Hamilton Island marina. Arriving on the 16th of October

Anchorages and locations visited along the way;

Double Island
Fraser Island
Lady Musgrave
Gret Keppel Island
Percy Isles
Scawfell Island
Shaw Island
Hamilton Island
Whitehaven Island

Your lead skipper will be Isaac Marshall P: 0499 808 944 E: for any technical questions.

Please see below the berth number and location for your vessel;

Arija – Dietrich – S600-01 – 19.2m F 24m TBC 15/10/2023
Maritimo 11 – TP52 TBC TBC 15/10/2023
Shifty Business – Gibbs – S55-05 – 18.7m F 18m TBC 15/10/2023
Dirty Deeds – Montgomery – M60-01 – 19.9m F 24m TBC 15/10/2023
Elysium – Ireland – M58-04 – 18.5m F 24m TBC 15/10/2023
Pau Hana – Gear & Kavanagh M55-03 18.7m F 17m TBC 15/10/2023
Miss Nancy – John Rumler M55-33 – 18.7m F 17m TBC 15/10/2023
Maritimo X50R TBC TBC 13/10/2023
OMEGA – Evan Richards S75-01 – 24.5m TBC OWN Berth


Join us on One Tree Hill for a sunset picnic at 4:30pm onwards at the picnic tables.
If you are coming from the Marina, take the Green Shuttle to the Resort Centre. The Blue Shuttle then departs from the resort centre to One Tree Hill. Stop No.14
We will have a shared picnic on the hill with some platters and Champagne & Beer. If you’d like to drink more please feel free to BYO.


Join us at the Maritimo Boat Showing and step onboard the latest vessels from the range on display. The Boat Showing will start at 8am on the F-arm of the Marina.

We will then head to Yacht Club for the Conference and Trade Show in the Ketch & Cutter rooms from 11-12:30pm. Coffee, Morning Tea and Lunch will be served.

Guests are then encouraged to attend the Supplier Trade Show from 1-2pm where our partners Scania, Volvo, MTU, Seakeeper, Gineico, Twin Disc, ZF, Garmin & Simrad will be showcasing the latest products on offer.

WELCOME DINNER | 17th October

Sit back and relax as we serve dinner and drinks from 5-9pm at the Romano’s Italian Restaurant

Offering contemporary Italian cuisine, Romano’s is a warm, inviting restaurant with a mouth-watering menu. Dress code is smart casual. Please arrive by 5pm sharp.

MARITIMO 11 CRUISE | 17th, 18th, 19th & 21st

An exclusive opportunity for Maritimo Migration guests only, you’ll be able to join our world-class sailors onboard our brand-new 2023 Sydney to Hobart racing yacht – Maritimo 11.

There will be two sessions a day. 9-11am & 1-3pm and you will be taken out for a relaxing 2hr cruise around Hamilton Island. Please arrive 30mins before your session starts at the end of F-Arm in the Marina

Please wear sun protection and clothing suited for sailing. No large bags are permitted. Phones and cameras are welcome, but please ensure you secure these in any rough water. If you experience sea sickness it is recommended that you take a sea sickness tablet 30mins before your session. Water will be provided and you can bring small snacks if you like.

Once all slots are locked in, the names will be listed below so you know what day and time to arrive at F-Arm 30mins before your session;

Wednesday 18th Oct 9-11am Maritimo 11 Libby Corpe
Maritimo 11 Daryl Corpe
Maritimo 11 Paul Davies
Maritimo 11 Cyndi Davies
Maritimo 11
Maritimo 11 Colleen Hewitt
Maritimo 11 Michael Hewit
Maritimo 11 Lisa Hooper
Maritimo 11 John Hooper
Maritimo 11
Wednesday 18th Oct 1-3pm Maritimo 11 Jeremy Gray
Maritimo 11 Jasmine Phillips
Maritimo 11 Arthur Phillips
Maritimo 11 Nancy Rumler
Maritimo 11 John Rumler
Maritimo 11 Junior Moala
Maritimo 11 Travis Whitmore
Maritimo 11 Drew Moffrey
Maritimo 11
Maritimo 11
Thursday 19th Oct 9am Maritimo 11
Friday 20th Oct 9-11am Maritimo 11 David Crothers
Maritimo 11 Glenda Crothers
Maritimo 11 Neil Smith
Maritimo 11 Karin Smith
Maritimo 11 Sean Smith
Maritimo 11 Peirluigi Gambacorti
Maritimo 11 Ormonde Britton
Maritimo 11 Kim Britton
Maritimo 11 Mara Merico
Maritimo 11 Jake & Chelsea
Friday 20th Oct 1-3pm Maritimo 11 Mandy Beale
Maritimo 11 Lesley Barry-Cotter
Maritimo 11 Bill Barry-Cotter
Maritimo 11 Tom Barry-Cotter
Maritimo 11 Chloe Barry-Cotter
Maritimo 11 Phil Candler
Maritimo 11 Deb Candler
Maritimo 11 Matt Johnson
Maritimo 11 Tara Purll
Maritimo 11 Justin Thorpe
Saturday 21st Oct 9-11am Maritimo 11 Rugby Kliousis
Maritimo 11 Mark Rothfield
Maritimo 11 Nique Wood
Maritimo 11 Adrian Cook
Maritimo 11 Jenny Cook
Maritimo 11
Maritimo 11
Maritimo 11
Maritimo 11
Maritimo 11
Saturday 21st Oct 1-3pm (TBC) Maritimo 11
Maritimo 11
Maritimo 11
Maritimo 11
Maritimo 11
Maritimo 11
Maritimo 11
Maritimo 11
Maritimo 11
Maritimo 11

MARITIMO 12 HOT LAPS | 18th & 21st October

Maritimo Racing XCat

Get ready for an experience of a lifetime. For those lucky few who will be strapping in our Maritimo Racing Xcat – Maritimo 12, where you’ll take the wheel around our dedicated racing circuit at Bowen.

Please arrive at 10am sharp for a flight departure from Hamilton Island Air.

You will then be taken to the Bowen harbour where you’ll be jumping aboard our race boat.
Please wear sun protection as you’ll be in the sun for some time during the day.
You will be breathalysed before the session and you must have a 0.0 reading to partake.

The plane then leaves Bowen airport at 3pm back to Hamilton Island.

**Wednesday session cancelled due to weather.

Saturday  21st Oct 10am-3:30pm Maritimo 12 Colin Dietrich
Maritimo 12 Kent Ireland
Maritimo 12
Maritimo 12
Maritimo 12
Maritimo 12 Isaac Marshall
Maritimo 12 Mandy Beale



Maritimo Migration

Visit one of the most iconic beaches in the Southern Hemisphere at the Maritimo Raft-up on Whitehaven beach.

Guests will be joining existing Maritimo owners onboard their vessels for the journey over to the Whitsunday’s from Hamilton Island Marina.
At the welcome dinner early on in the week you will get to know your fellow Maritimo owners and advise Simon and Cameron which vessel you’ll like to board for the trip to Whitehaven Beach.

Please ensure you are at your designated Maritimo vessel below by 9:00am. We will depart as a group at 9:30am.
Make sure you bring your own, water, snacks, cooler bag (if you have one), swimwear, towel, umbrella (if you have one), sunscreen & hat. Along with alcohol for the trip if you choose.
We will arrive at Whitehaven beach and raft up at around 10:00am and then head to the beach to where the Maritimo tent is set-up by 10:30am
You are then welcome to grab a drink, go swimming, have a ride on our water toys or just relax on the beach before lunch.
Around 12pm we’ll then be seated for a delicious catered lunch.
Our lead vessel will depart Whitehaven at around 2:30pm and aim to arrive at Hamilton Island at 3pm.

*please wear your Maritimo Migration shirt

S600-01 ARIA Isaac Marshall FN16
Colin Dietrich
Judy Dietrich
Andrea ( Gus) Holt
Lesley Barry-Cotter
Chloe Barry-Cotter
Tom Barry Cotter
Bill Barry- Cotter
Nique Wood
Cameron Wood 10
S55-05 SHIFTY BUSINESS Paul Gibbs Gibbs FN10
Jane Gibbs Gibbs
Michael Sangster
Deb Sangster
Mick Walker
Joanne Walker 6
M60-01 DIRTY DEEDS Jamie Montgomery FS20
Erin Montgomery
Glenda Crothers
Jasmine Phillips
Arthur Phillips
Karin Smith
Sean Smith 8
M58-04 ELYSIUM Kent Ireland FN08
Donna Ireland
Helen De With
Rolly de With
Rugby Kliousis 5
M55-03 PAU HANA Mel Gear FN10
Rhonda Kavanagh
Libby Corpe
Daryl Corpe
Paul Davies
Cyndi Davies Wong
Junior Moala
James Taylor
Maria Taylor
JJ Taylor
Martyna Halicka 11
M55-33 MISS NANCY John Rumler FN19
Nancy Rumler
Travis Whitemore
Drew Moffrey
Peirluigi Gambacorti
Mara Merico
Kim Britton
Ormonde Britton 8
X50R Mandy Beale
Simon Stewart
Rossco Willaton
Jake Sylvester
Chelsea Hackett 5
S55-04 PASSPORT 2 Neil Smith FS13
Glenda Smith
Deb Candler
Phil Candler
Cherand Gray
Jeremy Gray
Charlotte Gray 7
M48 DIVERSION John Hooper
Lisa Hooper
Colleen Hewitt
Michael Hewitt 4
M64 OCEAN SOUL Michael Kostos
Vikki Kostos
Jenny Cook
Adrian Cook
Mathew Johnson
Tara Purll
Justin Thorpe 7
Maritimo 11 Kendal Barry-Cotter
Helen Barry-Cotter
Peter Jones
Jennifer Ng
Steve Jackson 5


DOCK PARTY | 20th October

This afternoon we’ll come together on the F-Arm to join our fellow Maritimo owners for a casual sunset dock party starting at 5pm.

Please bring your drink of choice and a small appetiser platter to share.

GOLF DAY | 21st October

Hamilton Island

Play 18holes at the iconic Dent Island Golf Course.
Those who have reserved their spot please look for your name below. Bookings outside of this can be done via this link

9:45am All meet at Island Links Jetty (located beside Manta Ray restaurant)
10:00am Ferry departs Hamilton Island
10:20am Shotgun start (from 10:30, 10:40, 11:30 & 11:40 tee times)

Ferry departs Dent Island all afternoon and you can leave Dent Island when you choose.

Saturday 21st Oct Daryl Corpe
Judy Dietrich
Donna Ireland
Helen De With
Gus Holt
Rhonda Kavanagh
Mel Gear
Ormonde Britton
John Hooper
Michael Hewitt
Justin Thorpe
Mara Merico
Michael Kostos
Peirluigi Gambacorti
Matt Johnson
Tara Pull

PAINTING SESSION | 18th-21st October

“Unleash the artist within,” at the Maritimo painting and wine session from 3-5pm at Hamilton Island Gallery. Create your own works of art with easily understood, step-by-step guidance from one of our trained instructors.

Please arrive 15mins before your session. We’ll be supplying some champagne and wine but you’re also welcome to bring along your drink of choice.

Once all slots are locked in, the names will be listed below so that know what day you session is. Please arrive at the Gallery by 2:45pm.

Wednesday 18th Oct 3-5pm Libby Corpe
Daryl Corpe
David Crothers
Glenda Crothers
Paul Davies
Cyndi Davies
Colin Dietrich
Judy Dietrich
Cherand Gray
Michael Hewitt
John Hooper
Jasmine Phillips
Saturday 21st Oct 3-5pm Jane Gibbs
Paul Gibbs
Mick Walker
Joanne Walker
Colleen Hewitt
Lisa Hooper
Rhonda Kavanagh
Arthur Phillips
Nancy Rumler
John Rumler
Karin Smith
Sean Smith

GOODBYE DINNER | 21st October

Hamilton Island

To celebrate an unbelievable week we’ll once again come together for a fantastic evening of fun, food, drinks and entertainment on the Boardwalk at the Yacht Club from 5-9pm. Dress code is smart casual. Please arrive by 5pm sharp.


Hamilton Island Tour Desk
p. 07 4946 8305

If you have any questions before or during the event week please contact:
Simon Stewart P: 0403031431