MARITIMO MIGRATION TRIP | 16th – 23rd July 2022

Welcome to the offical Maritimo Migration trip page. We’re excited to have you join us for an experience of a lifetime on the migration from the Gold Coast to Hamilton Island. This page will be updated with any changes that are required so please bookmark this page.

The offical hashtag of the event is #maritimomigration and @maritimomotoryachts for all social posts of your journey up.

Your lead skipper will be Isaac Marshall P: 0499 808 944 E:

VHF Channels: Monitor CH16.
Ship to Ship: CH72, Backup Ship to Ship CH73
Radio Schedules whilst underway: 0800, 1500
Distance between vessels: Maintain a safe distance between vessels of at least .3nm
Departing Marinas/Anchorages between 0700-0800

Whilst the lead vessel will monitor these channels at all times this radio schedules will provide updated weather and information regarding the migration. If vessels are already anchored at the location for the day, these schedules will still run.


Migration trip map

Leaving the Gold Coast on the 16th of July. Our experienced skippers will be leading a flotilla of Maritimo vessels up the coast to Hamilton Island marina. Arriving on the 23rd of July. If you have paid your migration fees, your berth at Mooloolaba and Hamilton Island will be covered. All food and drinks will be at each owners expense. 

Anchorages and locations visited along the way;

Mooloolaba: 1 night (refuelling)
Kingfisher Bay Resort: 1 night
Bundaberg (refuelling)
Lady Musgrave: 1-2 nights
Great Keppel Island: 1 night
Yeppoon (refuelling)
Middle Percy, Percy Isles: 1 night
Shaw Island
Hamilton Island (refuelling)

DAY 1 | Leg 1

Departure 16th July.
Departure Time: Rally at the Seaway @ 0900
Gold Coast to Mooloolaba 95nm – 4 Hours at 22 knots burning 200L Per Hour. 806L
Cruising out the seaway and heading up the coast towards Mooloolaba marina to a berth.

Once arriving in Mooloolaba it will be up to each owner if you want to fill your tanks from the days running.
Suggested dinner in the marina or close by. If time allows possibly sunset drinks and canapes onboard the S600.
Mooloolaba offers a chance to purchase some fresh seafood for the rest of the trip North if not already stocked up.

Coastguard Mooloolaba QF6 Mooloolaba
65 Parkyn Parade Mooloolaba, Queensland 4557
Phone: 07 5444 3222
Fax: 07 5444 6503

Mooloolaba – Smaller Vessels to priority fuel on arrival into Harbour
Larger vessels to fuel morning of Day 2 before Leg 2 Begins if they would like to keep tanks pressed.

ROCKLIFF’s (previously Brown’s Slipway)
Unleaded and Diesel
Located on the other side of Pier 33 at 10 Parkyn Parade Mooloolaba
Directions – Rockliff Fuel
Phone: 0429 122 200 or 07 5444 1351
Diesel Only
Located on the other side of Pier 33 (further towards river entrance than Rockliff)
* PLEASE NOTE no floating fuel dock – usually there are people around to catch ropes off the wharf
Lot 201 Parkyn Parade, Mooloolaba
Directions – Mooloolah River Fisheries
Phone: (07) 5451 4700
Diesel Only
Accessed from our Marina by turning left down the canals at D Arm (white pylons). Chippo’s on left-hand side just before Lawrie’s Marina
16 Orana Street, Buddina
Directions – Chippo’s Fuel Supplies
Phone: 0427 002 908

Mooloolaba Bar Entrance Notice to Mariners: This details the most recent information relating to the Mooloolaba entrance and approach.
Mooloolaba Tides:
16th July HW 0955 1.41m, LW 1547 0.17m
17th July HW 1046 1.41m, LW 1637 0.29m

DAY 2 | leg 2

Mooloolaba to Wide bay Bar 65nm – 2 Hours 52 minutes at 22 knots burning 200L per hour. 576L Fuel Burn

Tin Can Bay to Kingfisher Bay Resort 30nm. This is a much slower trip due to the depths of the straights. Planing speeds should be avoided, and all available means of navigation equipment should be used to ensure you are in the correct position in the channel.

Departing Mooloolaba at 0700-0730.

Wide Bay Bar Entrance Notice to Mariners and approach:

Beacon to Beacon guide for Sandy Straight:

Kingfisher bay tides:
17th July HW 1140 3.39m, LW 1736 0.77m
18th July LW 0656 0.87m, HW 1231 3.31m

Kingfisher Bay Resort: Contingency Plan if wind is blowing from the North is to backtrack further South in the straits to find a safer anchorage if wind is above 20Knots from the North.

DAY 3 | leg 3

Refuelling day @ Bundaberg. Kingfisher – Bundaberg – Lady Musgrave

Kingfisher Bay Resort – Bundaberg 60nm 2.5 Hours (including port entrance @6knots) 580L
A smaller trip on Day 3 to allow for refuelling. All vessels must refuel @ Bundaberg.
Maritimo will have organised the wharf to be available for refuelling. This is a high flow pump.
Lady Musgrave is situated 55nm to the North East of Bundaberg which is 2 Hours and 31 minutes @ 22 Knots. Vessels will have to monitor fuel usage on Day 4 if waiting to refuel in Yeppoon.
Lady Musgrave is fantastic for snorkeling and Checking out the local marine life. If weather permits, anchoring in the lagoon is an amazing experience.

Bundaberg Tides:
18th July LW 0715 0.72m, HW 2.78m
19th July LW 0803 0.84m, HW 1335 2.71m

Lady Musgrave Tides:
19th July LW 0642 0.47m, HW 1243 1.76m
20th July LW 0731 .51m, HW 1352 1.77m

DAY 5 | leg 4

Lady Musgrave – Great Keppel/Yeppoon

102nm 4 Hours 36 Minutes @ 22 Knots. 922L

A nice sunset BBQ at great Keppel or some drinks/nibbles on the beach
Vessels can also head to Rosslyn Bay marina to refuel which is located 10nm WNW from Great Keppel.

Great Keppel is a beautiful example of an island situated within the Great Barrier Reef. The marine life, landscape and protected anchorages offer a peaceful setting to watch the sun go down.

Great Keppel Tides:
20th July LW 0831 1.16m, HW 1444 3.4m
21st July LW 0931 1.27m, HW 1557 3.44m

DAY 6 | leg 5

Great Keppel – Percy Isles = 125nm, 5 Hours 40 minutes @ 22Knots – 1126L

Safe anchorage in Percy Isles. Middle Island western side.

Middle Island within the Percy Isles is another anchorage that puts us back in touch with nature. Well protected from strong trade winds and swell. A fun fact; Middle Island, Percy Isles is home to Goats of all things that were introduced in the late 1800’s. It is a national park. There is a nice short 3.5km walk on the island with a great view as a reward.

DAY 7 | leg 6

Percy Isles – Shaw Island (Just South of Hamilton Island)

105nm, 4 Hours 44 Minutes @ 22 Knots = 950L

Shaw Island Tides:
22nd July HW 0623 3.08m, LW 1249 0.95m
23 July HW 0726 2.97m, LW 1340 .91m
Shaw island is a good muster and rally point.

DAY 8 | Leg 7

Shaw Island – Hamilton Island
Hamilton Island Tides 23rd July: HW 0727, 2.83m LW 1327 0.79m
For those of you who have a berth booked at Hamilton Island we’ll move into the allocated berths listed below;

Vessel Name ARM MARINA NO.
M600-01 – How We Roll E-ARM South 2
S600 E-ARM South 3
Maritimo 11 E-ARM West S4
M60-01 – Dirty Deeds E-ARM West S4
X50R E-ARM East 10
M55-03 – Pau Hana E-ARM East 14
M55-01 – Serenita C-ARM West 13
M56 – Inkognito F-ARM North 15
M58 – Midnight Witch F-ARM North 16
M50-03 Passport B-ARM West 17


Migration Notes:

• Departing on the 16th the trip be 7 nights and will include 2 nights at Lady Musgrave Depending on the weather. If 2 nights at Lady Musgrave is not suitable then a more suitable anchorage will be found.

• Maritimo will guide the vessels up the East Coast stopping at appropriate Anchorages along the way with Marina Berthing in Mooloolaba

• Owners are reminded to ensure they have enough supplies for this trip as stops for resupply will be limited. Maritimo is not supply dinner and drinks for the trip.

• Owners to ensure vessels are serviced ready for the migration North.

• Owners to ensure vessel safety gear is up to date and EPIRBS tested before departure.

• Maritimo will be carrying basic spares onboard their lead vessels in case of migration vessels needing emergency works.

• Maritimo lead vessel will be carrying an offshore first aid kit and a defibrillator. It is still recommended that vessels carry their own first aid kits and applicable safety gear for the trip North.

• S600 will be carrying some paddle boards and other water toys for use on the way up

• Customers to ensure they bring snorkel gear if wanting to get in the water. It is recommended that whilst within the great barrier reef a protection suit is used whilst in the water to avoid coming in contact with Irukandji jellyfish. During winter the chances of these being in the area are low however it is worth mentioning that they could be around.

• Phone reception on the trip North will be in and out. Maritimo will have a satellite phone onboard for emergencies however VHF communication will be the primary means of communication whilst travelling through the reef.


If you have any questions regarding the overall Migration Event at Hamilton Island please contact: Simon Stewart P: 0403031431