April 29, 2024

Maritimo’s Ongoing Expansion across the Globe. An investment in people, education and relationships.

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Identifying, establishing, and developing into new markets isn’t achieved overnight. It’s certainly not an exercise for the ill prepared or faint-hearted. Great commitment from every member within an organisation, a strong vision, a solid plan, unwavering dedication from stakeholders are required, and of course, it’s all underpinned by a world class product.

Maritimo is not new to this. From the early days in Australia, New Zealand would soon follow, with the USA quickly next, and thence onto Europe, consolidating with the Middle East a little while ago. Relationships do take time, yet the rewards are substantial. Maritimo entered into the US market from 2006, only a few years after the company was established. Fast forward to today, and the US market is very strong for these now recognised blue water motor yachts built ‘down-under’. As a result, each year the Australian factory dedicates a significant percentage of production to meet the demands of its ever-growing Americas clientele.

Maritimo X50 Statue of Liberty, New York USA

Maritimo’s next phase in its international expansion plans saw Japan as a key strategic market. In 2022, Eins A Resort was appointed as the brand’s exclusive dealer and representative within the region. Eins A Resort has a well-established dealer network in Tokyo and Nagoya, supported by its head office located in Osaka. The Japanese luxury cruiser market is well-established, with many clients described as ‘experienced boaties’ who enjoy all manner of water-based lifestyle activities, including long range cruising and fishing.

Eins A Resort’s Sales Manager Hideki Morooka said “The quality of build and styling of Maritimo motor yachts has been well received and is highly suited the Japanese market. One of our clients approached us to find their ideal motor yacht and we reviewed boat manufacturers from the USA, Australia and other regions – with the M55 being proposed as the preferred. The client is so thrilled with the delivery of his Maritimo M55, which in his words has lived up to his vision.”

“Our clients are looking towards a larger style of boat and the 55-to-75-foot motor yacht is becoming increasingly popular,” Mr Morooka stated.

The signature attributes of Maritimo’s superior hull design, stability and safety features all play an important role in the decision making, as do the expansive entertainment zones, that offer an openness to the outdoors, and then also protection and shade if required.

Key to a smooth delivery, handover and training in the M55 was the investment by Maritimo in providing a dedicated representative, with decades of experience, on site in Osaka, working with the Eins A Resort Technical Team.

With production underway throughout 2022 of Maritimo’s largest vessels to date, the M75 and S75, simultaneously relationships were being forged in South East Asia for future expansion. This culminated in early 2023 just prior to the launch of the S75 at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show, with the appointment of the highly credentialed The Yacht Sales Co as Maritimo’s exclusive dealer for the region. The Yacht Sales Co manages markets that include Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Maritimo & Yacht Sales co

The Yacht Sales Co have well developed sales and service networks and are well established in the key boating centres throughout South East Asia, in multiple locations, specifically the boating hubs of Sentosa, Singapore and Phuket in Thailand.

Jim Poulsen, Senior Sales Executive at The Yacht Sales Co and based in Phuket recently pointed out that, “The commitment in the region must be cultivated over time to be successful, and it’s a case of ongoing education in these various markets, which are at differing stages with respect to boating.”

“With some buyers in some markets I’ve had to educate them block by block and client by client. We are here to educate and share our knowledge and to develop these growing markets with customers that are new to boating and want to experience the lifestyle. The more we talk and share, the more it ingrains Maritimo into their thinking.”

“One new owner has chosen the Maritimo M600 Offshore Flybridge Motor Yacht, with the enclosed transom, as this delivers everything he needs, and more than he was looking for. He didn’t just choose a brand based on a name. A keen fisherman, he’s also got a young family and will also have pets aboard. The M600 is a 1,200 to 3,000 nautical mile boat and is designed to actually do that.”

Maritimo M600

“So, that medium-to long-range cruising, along with our remoteness of where we are, just meant the boxes keep getting ticked for Maritimo. Bigger refrigeration, higher British Thermal Units air conditioning, bigger storage, bigger platform for toys all kept Maritimo to the fore. European flybridge boats just don’t have these things. This is the drum we’re just going to keep on beating, and we’re certainly getting there.”

“Customers know that Maritimo platform is the right one for our conditions, and the enclosed bridge deck is a key part of it. I have termed Maritimo a small superyacht. So, it has the upper salon, which is fully air conditioned and enclosed, not just a simple soft top. We have the best of both worlds where we can open and flood with light and breeze or fully enclose and climate control. In any weather condition, day or night you can entertain, relax or navigate from it in total comfort.”

Maritimo M75 flybridge slider

“Another thing in our favour is our proximity and time zone, meaning it’s also easy for our Asian clients to get to Maritimo for a factory tour. It’s an eight-hour flight from Singapore, direct into Brisbane. It’s super simple. You can often do daytime flights, which are fabulous. It’s just so much easier than Europe and our time zone differences are only two to three hours depending on what time of year it is. So, we have all these ingredients that are lining up and are really going to accelerate Maritimo’s awareness in Asia,” Poulsen added.

With South East Asia firmed up and now in the hands of respected and trusted representation, Maritimo’s global expansion sights moved further afield throughout 2023 and into 2024. In March of this year, Dubai Power Boats were appointed exclusively for the Arab Gulf States.

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) had been earmarked years earlier as a potential market of great interest, and had also been pivotal in some of Maritimo’s Offshore Powerboat racing success. Most notably when Maritimo Racing was crowned the UIM XCAT World Champions in 2019.

Maritimo Racing XCAT World Champions Dubai

Following their appointment this year, Dubai Power Boats’ Rob Westerhof offered key insights about the Maritimo brand in the region. “Being Australian Made is a great asset, as is the ability to select engine packages, customise interior colours and finishes, as too the ample air conditioning on board, which is imperative in the summer months. There is great interest in Maritimo, from the 60-footers to the new M75 and S75 flagships.”
Key yacht shows in the region are critical for the further exposure of the Maritimo brand and Dubai Power Boats will attend the 2024 Abu Dhabi International Boat Show in November and events in Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar.

As a key part of the relationship building process, selected clientele of Dubai Power Boats and industry contacts have been invited to attend in May the 2024 Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show in Australia, to meet the Maritimo team, tour the factory, and view current models on display.

“Developments like the Bada Al Jubail community have further enhanced marina and water sport infrastructures. We see a perfect fit for Maritimo’s exquisite craftsmanship, and are eager to invite potential clients to experience the Maritimo factory first hand. All in all this with further cement the brand’s presence in the lucrative GCC market,” Westerhof added.

Development of the newer and larger Maritimo motor yachts has now progressed to the construction phase. These models that offer even more amenity, entertainment and live aboard space, including that for crew if required. Accordingly, more markets around the world are opening up to deliver to both the experienced owner, and those new to the boating lifestyle.

For Maritimo, expansion is achieved by assessing markets, selecting the right partners, educating the buyers as to the benefits of Maritimo ownership, and then delivering not just their first craft, but also their subsequent ones. They may sometimes seem like small building blocks, but they are an investment that forges strong relationships for the passage of time.




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M600 Owner Review – Versatility to the fore with Maritimo.

This M600 works beautifully with its enclosed transom, because we’ve got the nice apartment inside for the family, or we can go out offshore fishing.

April 29, 2024