September 4, 2020


Leading Australian luxury motor yacht manufacturer Maritimo’s mighty flagship flybridge motoryacht models the M64 and M70 have surpassed an impressive milestone with over $100 million dollars of sales recorded since the world premiere of the M70 in 2015 and the M64 in 2016.

The milestone was reached this month with a wave of recent deliveries of the latest 2020 edition M64 and M70 flybridge motoryacht models to excited new owners in Australia and the United States.

Maritimo’s Brand Director and Head of Design, Tom Barry-Cotter, said Maritimo’s flagship flybridge motoryacht models are world renowned for their unmatched straight shaft performance, long range cruising economies, superior engineering and construction quality.

“Our owners are boaters who want to use their boats for long range cruising and exploring with extended stays onboard with family and friends,” he said.

“These vessels provide the ultimate amount of volume and space on three climate-controlled levels, and incredible seakeeping ability, which translates into unrivaled long-range comfort.”

“Precise hydrodynamics and weight distribution married with the advanced evolution of Maritimo’s straight shaft drive technology enable the Maritimo M70 and M64 to cruise with between 20 percent to 30 percent better fuel efficiency than other brands above 20 knots cruise. “This provides obvious benefits both in terms of economy and also extended range.”

The latest of the flagships to be born from Maritimo’s state of the art Australian based manufacturing facility is an M70 flybridge motoryacht . It brings to more than 30 the total number of M70 and M64 motoryachts sold.

The latest 2020 edition M70 and M64 flybridge motoryachts come with a range of design refinements including integrated hull side panoramic windows with ports and an optional targa design.

The performance and efficiency Maritimo is able to achieve in these models can be attributed to an evolutionary approach to hull design with straight shaft drive propulsion.

“With every Maritimo in the range using straight shaft drive technology, we have been able to transfer learnings from every hull update and advance our efficiency and performance with every new hull design,” said Barry-Cotter.

Another key element to the success of Maritimo’s flagships is simplicity and dependability.

“One of the byproducts of the capabilities of long range motoryachts is that they are always long distances away from port, so long range motoryachts must not be over complicated in their systems or engineering,” he said.

“Simplified systems that are dependable and serviceable are key to creating the best possible long range cruising experience.

“From straight shaft drive, to simple electrical systems, access and serviceability of all componentry and engineering, the design ideology of simplification is adhered by from bow to stern.”

The interiors are graced with new master stateroom layouts, mood lighting schemes and the latest bespoke interior materials and finishes.

The M70 and M64 floorplan includes a large aft lazarette storage area with standing headroom under the cockpit deck.

“This area has been very well utilized with customers using our Maritimo ONE custom division to set up the large area to suit their boating needs,” said Barry-Cotter.

“The latest Maritimo M70 has a large laundry and utility room in this area, which can also double as a crew cabin.”

Both M64 and M70 have enormous rear platform decks with optional hydraulic platforms that are designed with proximity to the water for adventuring and wide range of watersports activities.

“The M70 and M64 have set the international standard for long range cruising flybridge motoryachts with tremendous success for Maritimo, and with the new 2020 edition updated models strong in demand, we are excited to welcome more owners to the world’s ultimate long range cruising experience,” he said.

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