May 9, 2017


As part of the ongoing expansion of its international dealer partner network Australian luxury motor yacht manufacturer Maritimo has partnered with one of the USA’s most respected dealers, Silver Seas Yachts.

Silver Seas Yachts is located in California, Washington and Arizona, and is an affiliate of SkipperBud’s. Combined they have more that 20 individual locations and 50 sales consultants.

Maritimo’s CEO Garth Corbitt said Silver Seas Yachts would be representing Maritimo throughout Northern California and the Pacific Northwest.

“They will combine with our existing dealer partners Compass Point Yachts, Staten Island Yacht Sales and Galati Yacht Sales to extend our reach into the USA even further. Maritimo exports approximately half of the motor yachts we build each year to the USA, so it is a very important element of our business.”

“Silver Seas Yachts’ owner Ross Tefft is highly regarded in the USA marine industry and his network is a perfect fit with not only Maritimo, but the existing dealers partners we have in that market.”

Corbitt said Maritimo had embarked on an international expansion strategy several years ago and was continually adding to the new dealership model. He said the company’s success at the recent Miami International Boat Show was testament to that model now working well.

Maritimo’s International Sales and Marketing Manager Greg Haines said Maritimo’s  motor yachts are highly regarded in the USA not only for the high quality of the finishes, but for the overall seaworthiness of the vessels.

“Being an island nation with some seriously rugged coastline we are seen as providing a style and standard of vessel that will cope with whatever you throw at it. The USA boat buying public is looking for quality and comfort, but also for a boat that is designed to take on any conditions and get the skipper and his family or friends out and back in safety.”

Haines said features such as the walk around decks and the enclosed, climate controlled flybridges were all elements of a Maritimo that resonate with the USA boating fraternity.

Silver Seas’ Ross Tefft said he and his team were excited to be joining with Maritimo to help expand the brand in the USA.

“Maritimo is a high quality product and we are confident that a lot of our existing clients will be very interested in this range of vessels,” he said. “They are renowned for their seaworthiness and performance.  “This, combined with Maritimo’s luxurious fit and finish, will deliver a winning combination for our client base and prospects.”

Maritimo M59 luxury motor yachtPhoto: Silver Seas Ross Tefft believes the company’s just released M59 will be a popular model in the USA.

In addition to being represented at all the major shows in the USA each year, Maritimo also organizes Maritimo Musters of cruise in company events for its owners and friends regularly. The next such event is being held at Poets Cove, Pender Island, British Columbia, on July 14th to 16th.  Greg Haines said approximately 18 boats were expected to take part.

“As part of that cruising event, our service technicians will spend time on each vessel going through engine servicing requirements and basic maintenance items with each owner,”  said Haines. “Things like through hull fittings, raw water strainers and even bilge pumps often get overlooked in terms of regular maintenance and these are all things that are important to the safe and efficient running of the vessel.”

Haines said the Poets Cove event would involve cruising and socializing with a number of events being held for our owners.


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