May 25, 2023

Maritimo S75 Sedan Motor Yacht | Global Launch

Leading Australian luxury long range motor yacht manufacturer, Maritimo, announces the arrival of the much lauded and truly grand, new Maritimo S75 Sedan Motor Yacht.

Maritimo S75 Sedan Motor Yacht

The S75 is the embodiment of everything that is Maritimo, in a form that balances authority and grace in every way and from every angle. The confident and deliberate lines, further accentuated by the extended hardtop that delivers significant coverage and protection from the elements, afford a definitively commanding presence. Along with the sleek Portofino hips that frame a delicate reverse sheer, the overall aesthetic somewhat belies the S75s overall and very distinct proportions. Purposeful black accents on the targa bar, housing radar and satellite domes, give a sports-like feel and only serve to further accentuate and encapsulate the S75’s sleek profile and form.

Maritimo S75 Sedan Motor Yacht

Maritmo’s long range blue water cruising credentials are undeniable and the S75 will augment this stance. Maritimo’s signature deep sided walk around decks are effortlessly integrated into the form of the S75 and lead to the capacious forward outdoor lounge area, with free standing sun bed and forward-facing lounge.

Maritimo S75 Sedan Motor Yacht

The S75’s hull design is purposeful and visually communicates an inherent strength and ability to effortlessly and comfortably soak up long distances of travel. From the exterior the massive panoramic glass areas in the hull and saloon tease at what will be on offer for the occupants gazing outwards. The curvature of the front screen is an engineering masterpiece and integrates gloriously with the moulded form of the saloon.

Maritimo S75 Sedan Motor Yacht

Upon stepping on board the S75 the vast, open nature of the rear Adventure Deck is apparent, and very much delivers on the all-important grandeur a superyacht commands. At just on 18m2 it is big enough to house a basketball key with room to spare. Place a hoop on the back of the targa bar and shoot from the free throw line all day long. Proof aplenty that there’s genuine space for everyone on board to partake in all manner of adventures and water-based activities. The options are about as endless as the area is expansive.

Maritimo S75 adventure deck slim banner

Sitting just above the waterline the Adventure Deck creates a visual and functional connectivity with the ocean, where all adventures outside the vessel await and upon return provides a welcoming space for lounging, barbequing and total relaxation. This is the ultimate stage for absolute action and adventure or lounging and laughs, with cocktails and tunes.

Maritimo S75 Sedan Motor Yacht Interior

Stepping up to the grand upper-cockpit deck space and alfresco lounging area these superbly appointed and exceptionally functional connected spaces offer abundant opportunities for entertaining and alfresco dining, or full weather protection should the need arise.

Maritimo S75 Galley slim slider

Maritimo’s renowned style and practicality again is evident with the aft galley offering the most refined palette of materials and finishes, along with the highest level of appliances, to deliver an understated elegance and superior usability. The S75’s long range galley serves both in and outdoor dining areas and socially connects chef and guests alike. Storage and functionality design have stemmed from a deep understanding of the requirements for extended stays aboard.

Maritimo S75 Saloon slider

Flowing through into the saloon, panoramic glazed areas create a light and airy space and fill the frames with a gallery of seascapes. This plush and relaxing zone offers dedicated lounging and dining options. An enormous 65” screen on the port side reveals itself via electric lift. It’s your home away from home cinema that adds to the superyacht feel, and is unmatched in this class. Additionally, the screen can be swivelled and subsequently viewed from the kitchen and even upper cockpit.

An elevated cruising lounge allows for great interaction with those on the helm, who are also highly pampered with ergonomically designed and electrically adjustable, heated helm seats and a careful consideration of controls and instrumentation.

The atrium stairwell at the front of the saloon floats in space and captures light to create a welcoming arrival point to the accommodation level below.

Maritimo S75 accomm feature

The Master Stateroom is an indulgent sanctuary within an abundance of space and light, delivered by glazing from both sides of the room. Sumptuous materials exude grand luxury and privacy creating a calming space for a well-earned respite. The master stateroom takes advantage of the full width of the vessel with a grand king size bed, central in the space. The three-quarter beam master en suite adjoins and also provides an abundance of space and storage, whilst all bespoke materials and fixtures bathe in natural light and fresh air, via the large hull window and opening.

Light, open and abundantly luxurious staterooms and amenities are further forward and below with the forward stateroom and en suite and starboard stateroom and bathroom, accommodating up to four guests in grand comfort.

Across the entire S75 the level of craftsmanship is highly apparent. The devil really is in the detail and the S75 reveals a depth of design and build consideration on a heightened level. Even in areas where traditionally manufacturers may have made some short cuts in ‘unseen areas’ not so on the S75.

“You’ll notice that there are smooth moulded finishes everywhere on the vessel – even in the engine room when you look up,” said Operations Director, Phil Candler.

“This is the result of continued development in our production processes and how we have designed and constructed the S75. It really is a new era for Maritimo. The main mouldings are backed up with moulded liners, which not only allow us to create sub-assemblies for synchronised production flow, it creates even more inherent strength in the vessel. We’ve added to our patented liner system which affords even greater ocean-going capabilities and further minimises any noise and vibration,” Candler went on to say.

Power to weight and cruising capabilities have been perfectly paired with the S75 with the Scania offering of a pair of 1150MHP DI16 V8 marine engines. Maritimo is also first Australian manufacturer to offer an upgrade to Rolls Royce Power Systems mtu, which are available in the 2000 Series V10 1625MHP per side. Performance, reliability, serviceability and range are always at the forefront of engines chosen by Maritimo.

“We are incredibly proud to be launching this majestic vessel and indeed what it represents for Maritimo,” said Tom Barry-Cotter, Managing Director of Maritimo.

“The S75 is the culmination of over three years of development by the dedicated Maritimo team. The company has invested many hundreds of thousands of hours in the planning, development and pre-production of the S75, collaborating with Maritimo owners intensively throughout the process.”

Maritimo S75 Sedan Motor Yacht

“When you consider the evolution of Maritimo over the last 20 years you understand that the foundations for the development of the S75 really started back then.” Barry-Cotter went on to say. “When Bill Barry-Cotter founded Maritimo back in 2003 he had the vision to see the scale of vessels that we would be producing today and he set about creating an environment where that would be possible.”

“The global launch of the S75 heralds the start of Maritmo’s 20th Anniversary celebrations and what could be more fitting in our 20th year than releasing this grand vessel, the epitome of everything that is Maritimo.”

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New Horizons – Taking the Maritimo pedigree and feel to an even wider range of owners.

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July 1, 2024

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