June 20, 2022


As part of an international strategy to expand its global dealer network into new markets, leading Australian luxury motor yacht manufacturer, Maritimo has finalised a deal with one of Japan’s longest running and most respected marine industry corporations.

Eins A Resort established in 1989, is well known as the exclusive SeaRay Boats distributor in Japan since then. Eins A Resort provides high quality imported and domestic boats, service, and support to discerning Japanese customers at its Osaka headquarters & showroom and through its extensive retail and commercial sub-dealers throughout Japan.

Eins A Resort Showroom

Leading Maritimo’s global expansion strategy, Derrick Nowak said the appointment of Eins A Resort to represent Maritimo in Japan was a significant milestone for the company.

“Our goal is to identify international dealer partners who share our vision and want to create a Maritimo family of boat owners in their region,” he said. “Japan is a mature boating market with knowledgeable owners looking for proven high quality, luxury and long-range boats, a combination that is Maritimo.”

“In Eins A Resort we have a highly skilled & respected partner with a proven record of effective customer service, so we are thrilled with this appointment that will drive Maritimo’ s success in Japan.”

Eins A Resort’s President, Shigeru Kuboki said he visited the Maritimo factory on Queensland’s Gold Coast to meet the management team and see the Maritimo production facility before finalising the partnership.

Eins A Resort staff

“Maritimo’s have a fully enclosed flybridge for all weather comfort, an iconic style and shape which makes them perfectly suited to the elements of the Japanese marine environment with our four distinct seasons,” he said.

“When I met and talked with the management team at Maritimo, I liked them very much and the fact that they are fully capable to respond to our detailed requests, such as Japanese specifications, is very reassuring.

“Also, the Maritimo support system before & after selling the boats is also very reliable and convinces me that Maritimo’s are the boats that Japanese people will definitely accept and love.”

Mr Kuboki said Eins A Resort was very excited to be adding Maritimo to its product line-up and represent the Maritimo family in Japan.

Eins A Resort’s sales manager Hideki Morooka said the company had been looking for a boat brand like Maritimo, that suited the Japanese marine environment and market for some time.

Maritimo factory

“I was able to actually visit the factory, meet the people at Maritimo, build confidence and share the Maritimo spirit with them.

“I am very pleased to have signed an exclusive dealer contract with Maritimo in Japan and feel fateful about this encounter and opportunity.

“Special thanks go to Tom Barry-Cotter and Derrick Nowak for their efforts in seeing this agreement become reality.”

“I am very confident, as is the entire management team, that Eins A Resort and its people will drive significant inroads into the Japanese market and together we will grow and prosper in the years ahead,” he said.

Maritimo’s managing director, Tom Barry-Cotter, said he was thrilled with the Japanese appointment. “It is all about having the right people who share our passion, vision and dedication to our customers representing us in various international markets and I am extremely confident in this appointment.”


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