March 31, 2021


Late in 2020 Maritimo ended the year on a strong note, with a single shipment loaded with six luxury motor yachts, headed to their overseas owners and now those owners are enjoying their new vessels.

The shipment which left Brisbane included an ‘incredibly spec’d X60 X-Series Sport Yacht’ which was purchased by Puerto Rico couple Jorge and Kathy Trigo and their family.

The couple and their daughters are currently going through delivery familiarization organized by the Maritimo USA team and recently they and their friends ‘had an amazing weekend’ cruising along the South Florida Coast in their new X60.

“We are extremely happy with our new boat, a true gem of Australian craftsmanship and nautical technology, still with a versatile and ease of operation that yachtsmen desire as owner operators,” said Jorge.

“Our intention was to ship the boat to Puerto Rico, but now we are thinking of running it along the Bahamas and enjoying an unforgettable experience in our new Maritimo.”

Maritimo factory sales specialist Peter Hellebrand, who sold the couple their X60, said it was thrilling to see the excitement and joy on the faces of owners when their vessels finally reached the USA and were delivered.

“Jorge and Kathy are absolutely thrilled with the X60 and we are equally happy to be able to assist them in the familiarization process and getting to know their new boat.”

Maritimo – Americas President, Dave Northrop said other vessels in the shipment that left Brisbane in December have been handed over to owners in Palm Beach, Florida and New England.

“It is quite a process from signing the contract to buy and then ultimately taking delivery of your new boat and we love the experience of being involved so closely with our owners all the way along,” he said.

The December Maritimo shipment included models from Maritimo’s M-Series and X-Series lineups, bound for destinations in New Zealand and United States.

Shipping news image

Maritimo General Manager Operations, Phil Candler, said then all the owners were very excited that their vessels had left Australia and were on their way.

“With Covid restrictions none of them were able to to visit the factory to personally see their boat’s progress so all walkthroughs were undertaken virtually and now they have their boats,” he said.

“They are all thrilled.”

He said interest was high across the range of Maritimo models with sales of the M-Series Flybridge motor yachts, X-Series Sport motor yachts, and the new M 55 and S55 S-Series Sedan motor yacht all strong.


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