December 7, 2015


Luxury cruiser manufacturer Maritimo has had the most successful year ever with strong sales around the globe and a forward order book that is filled through to September next year.

The company has expanded its international dealer network, introduced a raft of new models setting the scene for a highly successful 2016.

Founder and boating industry icon Bill Barry-Cotter achieved a personal milestone this year with his Queen’s Birthday Order of Australia Award.

That recognition came at the same time Maritimo released of a range of new models and enjoyed a wave of international success at a series of boat shows stretching from Cannes to Auckland and most recently Fort Lauderdale.

With a history in the marine industry spanning more than fifty years, Bill says that 2015 is ‘a year to be remembered’ .

“The Queen’s Birthday award was unexpected and humbling and it gave myself and the whole team a real boost so we were determined to make 2015 Maritimo’s year,” he said.

During the year the company publicly released a number of new models including the M65 and M48 Cruising Motor Yachts plus the S48 Sedan Cruiser.    The first M61 Cruising Motor Yacht will be completed early in 2016 and the new M54 Cruising Motor Yacht is due to arrive late in 2016. All the new models have met with positive feedback and strong sales from the market.

Maritimo also released plans for a modified M65 stretched to 70 feet providing a Yacht Fisher rear deck perfect for chasing the big ones. This boat has a base price of $3.115m.

Maritimo’s Sales and Marketing Manager, Greg Haines, said 2015 would go down as the best ever for the company. “Bill’s AM award really sparked excitement among the team and we are all very enthusiastic,” he said.

“We’ve had the best run ever at boat shows around the world and the feedback we have received in places like Miami, Cannes and Fort Lauderdale has been very gratifying with our industry peers commenting on the superior quality and finishes in our range of vessels,” he said. “To get that sort of feedback particularly in places such as Europe where style is paramount has been amazing.”

Mr Haines said sales had been strong across the board in 2015 and there had been considerable interest shown in the proposed 70 foot Yacht Fisher and the M61 has four sold before the first boat hits the water. Haines also confirmed strong sales of both the M48 and S48.

“We had one three week period where we had a big presence at major boat shows around the globe and the interest in our product was the best it has ever been,” he said.

He said Maritimo’s on-water display at Fort Lauderdale in November was the largest in the company’s history. The display included the M48, the M50, the M58 and the M65.

Fort Lauderdale and the World Offshore Championships were very positive for the company, despite our bad luck in the racing, and culminated in a ‘Maritimo Owners’ Muster’ with more than thirty five owners participating.

“I don’t think there has ever been a better year in Maritimo’s history and all the planets seem to be lining up for us,” he said. “We have refined our product and stepped up the quality and standard of our finishes and that has resonated with the market.

Mr Haines said that owners’ focus group research sessions had been conducted and they had formed the basis of some of the new designs and finishes.

“As an example, the M54 will have a completely new internal layout different to any previous Maritimo and some of that design work came about as a result of feedback we received from owners involved in focus groups.

One of the highlights of the year was the completion of Maritimo’s 400th vessel, a M48 Cruising Motor Yacht that was displayed at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show.

The company has also established new dealer relationships in New York, Vancouver Island, Europe and New Zealand. Mr Haines said Maritimo’s appointment of Galati Yacht Sales in the USA last year had proven very successful.

“We have all the pieces in place to see Maritimo’s international sales increase significantly and that is good news for not only the company, but for the Gold Coast economy and for job creation,” said Mr Haines.


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